Living with Nature

August 19, 2017

Oftenly, nature giving the best influence in the world of architecture. Known as biomimicry, humankind has studied nature for inspiration in solving all kinds of problems, not just architectural or building. Leonardo da Vinci studied birds in his quest to create a flying machine that eventually inspired the Wright Brothers. The following are some wonderful examples of from several of our works, with merging of perspectives between the observing function in the natural world and to advances in architectural products.

Erected more than 5 meters high, a vertical bio garden enriched the greenery view of the backyard of Cibeber House.

As a facade of the Ambas 46, the asymmetrical garden giving a state of mind of sustainable beauty.

Another one of our nature-oriented project is Melati House, above is the planning designs which build from the idea of philosophy of the tree. The all-wooden stairway it is the manifestation of the concept, as the main structure of the building which providing access from bottom to above.