• Detail view of the façade of the house.

  • The split-level spaces are connected by plywood staircase, providing access to more private living space at above.

  • Picturesque private living-space connected by short staircase.

  • Elegant details on floating hand-rail, creating a freeflow from below to above along the staircase.

  • Fascinating spacious living area.

  • Feast your eyes with delighful open-air swimming pool.

  • Master bedroom with a view of city’s skyline.

  • Designed for standing out among other building from its surroundings.

  • Fancy bathroom with the finest touch of contemporary designs


Ambas 46


Situated in the serene Cipete neighbourhood, Ambas House provide your luxury home space with comfortable modern concept architecture. Build from uncommon shape of land-site, the Ambas 46 is unique residential projects. Unmitigated planning through the constructions, this compact house accommodate spacious residential with luxury contemporary designs for exquisite living space. Each corner of the house offers plenty of picturesque spots, purely combination of immaculate style, quality and craftmanship. These are the hallmark elements of beautiful homes. Reflecting the masterpiece of architectural designs that fits the surroundings. Not to mention the location it is only a stone's throw away from the strategic hip district Kemang areas, where boutiques and art galleries mix with chic eateries and popular nightspots.