The Showcase

September 13, 2017

After our three hit success marketing units on Stackhouse Cilandak Townhouse, we decided to bring our one last unoccupied unit to the whole new level. We gather our stylist and artist to give a new definition for the living room.

kinala-townhouse-cilandak-stachouseThe reason why we choose simplicity approach on decorating this spacious living room is to heighten the original structure of the interior.


We reinforced the architectural rhythm of the room by adding more natural element to the living space. Monstera genus or Swiss Cheese plant is the weapon of choice.

We set up a chillaxing spot for any convenient at the corner living space. With concrete background, we spice it up with more greenery from natural element and rattan  lazy chair.


This one last unit is still available for sale and it’s waiting for more ideas to plot for your perfect own living room. And not to mention, there are still more living areas on this 3 storeys unit to explore.


Why waiting? Don’t be hestate to contact us for more info.