Second Skin

August 13, 2017

The "Second-Skin" facade is a system building consisting of two skins, or facades. As an interface between outer and inner environments, the facade plays a dramatically different role, and this is no more evident than in recent developments of the second-skin facade, which aim to reduce building operating costs and improve energy efficiency while maintaining a transparent building enclosure.

Placed in such way that for any structure itself purposes, from managing air flows as ventilations, rain-screen, or even for structure aesthetical manners. It gives a new meaning to the building in a way of a state of the art.

These benefits are most evident when we look at the second skin as a response to climate change. Image above is The detailed-look of the second skin on one of our latest work, Stackhouse Cilandak.

In its simplest form, a second-skin façade provides a semi-permeable membrane that allows the building to breathe, while keeping out the elements. Image above is from one of our latest townhouse projects, Bangka Tree

This ultimate smart facade actively anticipates the difference between outer and inner environments, becoming an essential building mechanism that works in cooperation with the building’s heating and cooling systems.

Above image is the detail form of from one of our ground-breaking residential projects, Melati House.