• Frog view of the residential faade.

  • The broad window on the main bedroom left exposed for generous source of natural lights.

  • The presence of metal cast second skin is more than just aesthetic value to the building, but it is function of maximizing air flow to the structure.

  • Parket floor master bedroom with all-white marble & ceramics bathroom.

  • The core of the house, wooden staircase made of Sungkai wood, providing access from ground to above. In tune with the tree philosphy, as main wooden axis of tree delivers water molecule to every branch and each leaf.

  • Perfectness to the ground. Partitions on the ground level using combination of cast-concrete and tempered steel in aesthetically way.

  • Radiant source of light from wooden staircase ceilings, emphasize the aesthetics of sungkai wood grain.

  • Optimizing air flow with slided glasss window on the upper level, enhanced natural source of light accord how modern luxurious tropical houses nowadays.

  • Handle bars on wooden kitchen set, harmonized to the wooden staircase as the core of the structure.

  • Multi-function partition from second skin material on the staircase for enhanced aesthetic aspects of the structure.


Melati House


This one of a kind living space was build from the idea of philosophy of the tree. The all-wooden stairway it is the manifestation of the concept, as the main structure of the building which providing access from bottom to above. As the idea become structure, other natural materials such as bio-wood and natural stones enrich this luxurious 3 storeys building. Every storeys is beautyfully designed with the principals of tree philosophy, you can find service areas with high quality fixtures on the ground level as the root of the residence, rooms with views on the next levels as branches, even an exclusive all-marble bathroom at the top level, inspired from a drop of dew on tip of the leaf. Makes Melati House is more than just beautiful living space with the latest contemporary taste, but it is also a manifestation of the popular green lifestyle. Situated in Cipete, Melati House stand out among the neighborhood as the most distinguish exclusive living space.